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How to fix “Printer Head Failure or Missing” Error in HP Printer?

Support for HP Printer

HP is providing its services for many decades and users have enjoyed every bit of services. It also has given the latest features in its printers so that users do not have any problem related to their printer. Seeing the technological advancement HP also provide the wireless printers and the phone printers to get the document printed in a very short period of time. But as it is also a technical product and various errors and failures are more commonly occurs in the technical products and software due to many reasons. One of the common errors which the users face is the “Printer Head Failure or missing” error in HP printers which they are not able to troubleshoot as they do not know the exact reason of this error.

Basically, this error occurs when the print head is missing as any printer cannot print any document without the print head or if the print head is missing. This happens when the print head is not properly installed on the device or the device has not detected it. Then this error message which is “Printer Head Failure or missing” error is displayed on the monitor or on the printer control panel. It also signifies that there is an ink system failure on your device and you can replace, reset or service the printer to solve this error. If you want to deal with this error without any hassle then take HP Support from the experts otherwise follow the steps to manually troubleshoot the error.

Steps to troubleshoot the error

Step 1: the first thing you have to try is reset the printer.

Step 2: to do so, you have to disconnect all the wires which are connecting your device to the computer and power while the Printer is on.

Step 3: switch off the supply and after waiting for 30 seconds you have to reconnect the power cord and then turn it on.

Step 4: now you have to wait until the warm-up of the device finishes, it will troubleshoot the error.

Step 5: if resetting the printer does not help then follow the next steps.

Step 6: after resetting the printer try resetting the print head to solve the problem.

Step 7: to reset the print head, you have to unseat the print head first and then disconnect all the power cords and open the cartridge door. You now have to lift up the print head and make sure you are not fully removing it and then reseat it.

Step 8: after that reset the cartridge latch and the access door.

Step 9: now connect the power cords and see if the error goes otherwise replace the print head or get the service of the device and if want Support for HP Printer for new Printhead then contact experts.

Get HP Printer Support from the qualified experts

If you are still unable to solve the problem then you should take help from our experts via HP Printer Support number toll-free.


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