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Support for Rand McNally to register your Rand McNally TND

Support for Rand McNally

If you have just purchased your Rand McNally then it is important that you register your device with the company using your official account and other information which are needed. As it is if you do not register your gadget you would not be able to access your device properly and you will not able to use it properly. So you should immediately register your device with the company and start your GPS because without it the maps and GPS and location services will not be started. It is easy to do this as the company provides software which is specially designed to register the devices of the users.

Also, the important things which users need to know are if they purchased the GPS device which is second hand and they have bought it via OLX or any other site or from any other user then you has to update all the information regarding it and you have to separately register for it. So, if you are also in this situation and you are stuck at any technical problem which you are not able to troubleshoot and hence the device is not working so contact the experts for Rand McNally Technical Support. Otherwise, you can also follow the steps which are provided by our experts immediately.

 Steps to follow to register the Rand McNally TND

  • The software which the company provides is the Rand McNally Dock which needs to be installed in your system to complete the registration process.
  • If you have already installed the software then you need to follow the steps provided below, and if not then you have to install the Dock in your system.
  • To do so, go to the official website or browse through the link to install the software.
  • After downloading the file run the file and the software will easily run on your system.
  • When the Dock is successfully installed and is connected then it will create a new screen automatically which is the registration pop-up message.
  • A pop-up screen will ask you to enter the important credentials such as the serial number, name, your address, city, Zip code and other details.
  • After that, you have to click the button “submit”.
  • Now you will receive a prompt message notifying you that the “user registered successfully” and then you have to click on “ok”.
  • If the pop-up does not appears or the prompt message does not appear confirming the registration then there is some other problem and if you need Support for Rand McNally for the serial number such as you have forgotten it or the prompt message haven’t appeared then call to our experts

Take Rand McNally support from experts toll-free

If you are not able to troubleshoot the issue and you are not able to register the device then contact the experts through Rand McNally support number toll-free.

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